Our clients

Transmission and distribution

Transmission and electrical grid systems are the most critical parts of any electricity distribution system. Specifically, for this reason we have proofed our REOIL technology to fulfill even the highest standards and requirement of the transmission system and electrical grid operators.



Power Generation

Power generation sector has been under a lots of scrutiny over the past years. Incredibly high demand on up time and shortening of Downtime cycles for maintenance has put a lot of stress on maintenance of assets. By utilizing the REOIL technology as an oil management solution customer can significantly reduce their cost for oil management in their ageing assets.

Industry and manufacturing

Industry customers fully rely on our REOIL technology to maintain their critical assets in top condition so they can concentrate on their core business without having to worry about their electrical infrastructure.

Railways and infrastructure

Due to the specifics of the railway and infrastructure electrical grids transformer oil regeneration for the these clients represents a unique set of challenges which are handled with ease with our REOIL technology.