About Us

Ekofluid expert in transformer oil treatment

Ekofluid is a manufacturing and servicing company specializing in high vacuum oil treatment and oil regeneration equipment.

The company has an ISO 9001 certified quality system as well as ISO 14001 certified environment system. Servicing unit also holds the SCC safety management system certification. Since its establishment, Ekofluid has been focused on the mid-market segment providing a broad range of high-quality components. Its products are being used by all energy sectors such as transmission and grid operators, power generation companies, transformer servicing companies as well as numerous industry customers.The technology of oil regeneration and oil treatment has been originally developed at Fluidex (South Africa), more than 30 years ago. Thanks to research and dedication, at Ekofluid we have taken one step further to innovate and improve significantly on the existing Fluidex design of oil regeneration and oil treatment equipment establishing our REOIL and FILOIL brands.

Product range

Ekofluid currently manufactures oil regeneration equipment with sorbet reactivation capability as well as coalescer based oil treatment plants. Oil regeneration plants are of modular design with a variable number of columns housing the regeneration sorbent. Regeneration plants are built with or without the degassing section allowing them the possibility to be combined with oil treatment equipment. Oil treatment plants are available in different oil flow ranges from 1500 l/h up to 12 000 l/h. Oil treatment plants feature highly efficient coalescer technology specially designed to achieve the most efficient dehydration and degasification effect. Oil treatment equipment uses double stage high vacuum technology together with a variable flow to efficiently control the oil speed.

Description of offered services

Ekofluid servicing division offers three types of services. Transformer oil treatment, transformer oil regeneration, and removal of corrosive sulfur from transformer oil. We provide all services on site with our REOIL and FILOIL equipment. Ekofluid fleet consists of oil regeneration and oil treatment units. Our team of trained experts accompanies each unit to ensure flawless operation of the equipment. Our units are capable of treating all types of mineral based transformer oils. All equipment is mobile and therefore suitable for intervention on site.