Oil storage and handling

Ekofluid currently offers several options for clients looking for transformer oil storage services. We offer several storage options onsite as well as off site. Our tank farm offers large capacity storage tanks which are available for short term or long-term storage. We guarantee the quality parameters of the stored oil to remain the same during the storage period.

  • Complete onsite/offsite storage solution
  • Dedicated tank farm for transformer oils
  • Guaranteed quality of oil parameters during storage

Want to know more?
  • We understand the need of our clients to temporarily store large quantities of transformer oils. For this reason, we have dedicated transformer oil storage tanks that allow our customer to store large quantities of transformer oil for extended periods of time.

    Furthermore, during the storage time, we also offer extender services for the stored oil such as oil treatment or purification, oil regeneration or corrosive sulfur removal. We also offer short term onsite storage and transport of larger quantities of transformer oils. With our FLOWOIL system used for pumping we guarantee that the transfer of oil from and into the storage tank will be done carried out without any particle contamination. Furthermore, our FILOIL oil treatment equipment together with VACOIL vacuum systems can be used for initial filling of a transformer from an oil storage tank onsite.