Equipment rentals

Ekofluid rentals offer a wide range of equipment suitable for transformer oil processing. The equipment is available for short term rentals as well as for long terms rental. It is a unique opportunity for customers with a short-term requirement or for customer to temporarily boost their current capacities without having to endure the purchasing cost of the equipment.

  • REOIL transformer oil regeneration equipment
  • FILOIL transformer oil treatment and purification equipment
  • Transformer oil filtering and vacuum equipment

Want to know more?
  • Ekofluid being one of the largest transformer oil regeneration and oil filtration services provider manages an extensive fleet of oil and vacuum processing equipment. Our entire fleet consisting of several REOIL transformer oil regeneration and FILOIL transformer oil treatment plants has been manufactured inhouse. We therefore guarantee that all rental equipment delivers the expected performance and is always rented out in mint condition. Our maintenance procedures are stringent ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of our rental equipment.

    Our portfolio of rental units starts with our REOIL, transformer oil regeneration units with the built-in capability of corrosive sulfur removal. All our REOIL units are mobile with their own wheel base housed in a 20 foot or 40-foot containers, size depending on individual configuration.  It than continues with our FILOIL transformer oil treatment and purification units of different sizes. Each FILOIL plant has a specific minimum and maximum oil flow as well as independent vacuum system of the appropriate capacity matching the given oil flow speed.  We rent our small FILOIL plants starting at 500 l/h all the way to the maximum capacity of 12 000 l/h. Depending on the capacity and the size of the units they are either rented out a 20-foot container, smaller size customized road trailers with official EU license or even as stand-alone units. And the portfolio ends with a selection of our FLOWOIL units for filtering transformer oil trough micron filters and our VACOIL units used to vacuum transformer oil tanks before filling.