Meet the most advanced oil treatment and purification plant

Transformer oil treatment equipment FILOIL

Discover what makes our FILOIL plants unique

FILOIL plants represent the absolute best in the field of treatment and purification of transformer oils. Several new features developed inhouse by our research and development department result in the state-of-the-art transformer oil treatment and purification equipment. To learn more about the advanced features of our FILOIL plan explore the points below.



Breakthrough stadium shape

Stadium shaped vacuum chamber is the ultimate vacuum chamber design. Enlarged vacuum vessel allows for faster and reliable treatment even for ester based oils.


Unique foam level control

Best performing foam sensors ever ensure reliable operation and foam detection. Up to 4 sensors found on our new stadium vacuum chamber allow for precision foam level control.



Exceptional vacuum control

Smartest decision making in its class allows for absolute vacuum control. Next-generation algorithms provide fast and reliable decision making to optimize the treatment process by continuous vacuum adjustment.


Full integration with IOT

Next-generation smart analytics with cloud connectivity provide complete overview and support data for detailed analytics of the processes running inside the equipment.



One of a kind efficiency

Efficiency is the trademark feature of all FILOIL plants.Interlaced integration of two key technologies, fiberglass filter elements and advanced ring mesh allow for efficiency levels found nowhere else.


Best in its class durability

25+ years of experience engraved into each plant transformers into most reliable equipment in its class.Advanced design techniques always allow fall back to manual operation with critical components having bypass options for uninterrupted performance.



Unprecedented level of support

Global connectivity, remote operation and a team of experienced Ekofluid engineers provide our top of the class remote , onsite and offsite support around the world.