Transformer Oil regeneration plant

Out transformer oil regeneration module REOIL M enables complete renewal of used and old transformer oil onsite. REOIL M equipment is designed as an add on module to work together with our transformer oil treatment FILOIL plants. Its function is to extend the capabilities of our exiting FILOIL line enabling the FILOIL plants to fully regenerate used transformer oil.

  • Unique reactivation technology
  • Automated operation on online and offline transformers
  • Most efficient oil regeneration in its class
  • Works on all types of mineral transformer oils

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REOIL transformer oil regeneration module

Most power equipment is using transformer oil for its dielectric properties for cooling, insulating, and protecting the active parts. Transformer oils are highly refined oils that consist mainly of a mixture of hydrocarbons. Over time, oxidation byproducts start to form in the oil. Increases in oxidation byproducts result in the increase of acidity (neutralization number) and decrease the interfacial tension of the oil. At this stage, sludge starts to form, and oil is losing its dielectric properties because it is getting old. To prevent further deterioration of oil and possible damage to the active part of the transformer, oil needs to be regenerated.

Description of oil regeneration process

Oil regeneration equipment regenerates oil in steps.

  • At the inlet of the equipment, oil is filtered through a coarse filter to prevent any particles from entering the equipment.
  • It is then heated to the desired temperature to elevate the regeneration effect.
  • After the oil has been heated, it enters the back section of the equipment.
  • Oil is pumped through the back section which houses columns with sorbent media.
  • It is in this section where the oil is stripped of impurities and ageing byproducts.
  • Oil is then pumped through a vacuum breaking valve into the degassing section where it is dehydrated and degassed.
  • Treated oil is then pumped back to the transformer by the outlet pump.
  • After a given period, sorbent in the back section of the equipment achieves full saturation and is no longer able to regenerate oil.
  • At this stage, the sorbent needs to be reactivated (restored to its original state) to be able to regenerate oil again.
  • Reactivation stage starts by draining the columns in the back section of saturated oil.
  • After the oil has been drained, a vacuum is created and maintained throughout the whole reactivation process in the back section.
  • Then by selective use of heating elements on the top parts of individual columns, the reactivation process is initiated.
  • During the process, the impurities are removed from the sorbent which restores it to its original state.
  • This entire process can be repeated many times, until the sorbent starts to lose its properties and needs to be replaced.
  • Fully automatic operation of the REOIL units optionally controlled by PLC and operated via a SCADA system on the electrical cabinet
  • Oil catch pan to prevent accidental spillage, with automatic shutdown control
  • All electrical wiring across the REOIL units conforms to the highest European standards and consists only of high-quality components to ensure the reliability of the unit
  • Highly efficient sorbent with high surface area
  • Reliable readsorption (reactivation) capability to completely renew regeneration sorbent
  • Variable capacity by flexible number of sorbent filters (columns)
  • Variable flow rate of oil is an integral part of the REOIL plant design allowing the users full flexibility during oil treatment
  • Compact design utilizing existing standard container solutions
  • Optional digital oil flow meter directly integrated into SCADA
  • Optional touch panel for easy SCADA operation placed on the electrical cabinet
  • Possibility of full manual control
  • Possibility of remotely access to the unit via integrated GSM modem
  • Commissioning and FAT on location
  • SCADA system localized to most popular languages
  • Full set of documentation also in electronic form available for download

To get a better overview of our REOIL M oil treatment plants download our technical datasheet here.
Should you have any more technical questions about our equipment do not hesitate to contact us.

Fully automatic operation of the REOIL units is controlled by PLC while the operation is ensured by a SCADA system installed on a laptop.

REOIL plant uses highly effi cient, fast pneumatic control valves to ensure high reliability of operation throughout the lifetime of the plant.

The back section of the REOIL unit where regeneration columns house sorbent, which ensures that all properties of the oil are suffi ciently restored.